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Rolls-Royce luxury cars are considered to be the most amazing cars of all time. Rolls-Royce has surpassed all luxury cars very far. Roll Royce cars are completely handmade and define true luxury.

Rolls Royce was founded by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce in 1904. Rolls Royce headquarters are in Derby, United Kingdom.

When you are rich to buy anything for your luxury living. The first car which comes in your mind is Rolls Royce. Some people want some extraordinary luxury in their car and for those, companies like Mansory, Brabus, and Hermes modify with extraordinary functions like Leather trims, Gold and Diamond finishings, and some expensive finishings which normal cars don’t have.

2020 Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith is an example of the extraordinary wild luxury coupe.

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RoCars, Hollmann International offers various types of Rolls Royce designs and you can also contact them to modify your car according to your own taste.

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Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith Diamond Black / Matt Black exterior finishing.

Color: Diamond Black / Matt Black

Transmission Type: Automatic

Seating Capacity: 4

Drive: Petrol

Top Speed: 250 Km/h

0-100 (km/h): 4.6 s

Engine: V12, 6.6 L, 636 Ps, 800 Nm

Price: $582,768

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Additional Features: Some of the other main features of this car are as follows:

  • Bespoke Interior Module Editing.
  • Ultimate Touring Package.
  • Black Outer Two-Tone Steering Wheel.
  • Front Ventilated Seats.
  • Driver Assistance.
  • High-Beam Assistance.
  • Lane Departure Warning.
  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go.
  • Head-Up Display.
  • Night Vision With Pedestrian Recognition system.
  • Rear View Camera With Top View.
  • Side View Camera.
  • Shooting Star Headliner.
  • Rolls Royce Monogram to all Headrests.
  • Smoked Chestnut.
  • Comfort Entry System.
  • Rear Privacy Glass.
  • DAB Tuner.

Mansory Features: Some of the other main features of this car are as follows:

  • Mansory front bumper LEG slim.
  • Mansory rear bumper with black chrome blinds.
  • Mansory front air intake splitter visible carbon fiber.
  • Mansory side skirt.
  • Mansory front fenders with engraved logo.
  • Mansory carbon engine bonnet.
  • Mansory front grill frame.
  • Mansory roof lip carbon.
  • Mansory rear decklid spoiler carbon.
  • Mansory exhaust mufflers.
  • Mansory air outtake splitter.

Do you love this car and the mind-blowing or extraordinary features of this Mansory beast? Comment below.

Source: Hollmann International, RoCars

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