5 Shocking Alpha Male Tricks To Attract 99.9% Of Girls


How to be more attractive. If you ever wondered how to make a girl crazy for you, these tricks will work with 99.9% of women.

Guys, it’s true. Have you ever seen a guy with a girl who’s way more attractive than he is? You’re left scratching your head trying to figure out how he landed such a gorgeous partner? You tell yourself,

“oh, he’s probably rich or something.”

But that’s not the truth. The fact is he probably learned how to attract women using these tricks we’re about to share with you.


Now, if you’ve been working hard to raise your level of attraction but aren’t getting results, you’re probably doing the one thing guys think makes them more attractive but actually repulses most women, and at the end of this article, we’re going to share that one epic fail you should avoid at all costs.

5. The Pull and Push

Image by Tobias Heine from Pixabay

So you’re wondering how to be more attractive and get your crush to like you? Well, it all starts with what you are saying, and I don’t mean with your mouth.

There are some tried and proven body language tricks to make her chase you, and I’m sure you’ve heard most of them before. Stand up straight and tall, point your feet towards the girl you’re interested in, and square your shoulders.

These are the standard alpha male body language techniques that everyone knows. But here’s what you may not know. After you’ve shown that you’re strong and confident using your body language and have gained her interest, try this masterful, alpha technique to really set the hook.

It’s called the pull and push. It’s kind of like a bait and switch… except for the last minute scam. It’s the good kind of secret trick that the sexiest of sexy men use to gain control of any flirtatious situation.

Here’s how it works. So you’re talking to a girl that you just met, and you’re both anxious and there’s a ton of tension. After a few conversational exchanges, hither with a playful complement or, if you’re feeling really confident and brave, a sly, sexual innuendo.

Sexy flirting is tricky, but not always off-limits if you can execute it well, which means playfully, in the right setting, and without coming off as creepy.

If you’re not confident using sexual innuendo, keep it PG-13 with a playful compliment, and then here’s the critical part. Simply drop the mic and walk away.

Now, here’s the other super important piece to executing this perfectly, you have to casually walk away to a place where she can follow. Because the main goal is to get her to follow you, and now you have her chasing you instead of the other way around.

So don’t walk away to the men’s bathroom or to your intimidating group of guy friends. Instead, head somewhere neutral, like the bar counter or a cocktail table, and stay approachable. The trick is to leave her slightly confused but with the door wide open so she can easily approach you.

4. Dress to Impress and Spark Conversation

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Now, the worst-case scenario is that she doesn’t follow your lead right away. Guys, that’s perfectly okay because the alternative outcome is she goes back to her friends slightly confused and amused by your behavior.

While you keep yourself close by, open, available, and very approachable, she’s gonna run back to her friends giggling with excitement about the mysterious

“guy that sort of hit on me but then just…walkedaway? OMG, I’m so confused right now.”

and her friends are gonna ask,

“OMG, what guy?” And she’s gonna say, “that guy right over there wearing the …”

and guys, that’s why this next part is so undeniably critical.

The next words out of her mouth should not be

“the sort of homeless-looking guy over there in the hooded sweatshirt.”

Instead, you want her to be able to describe you in a more positive light, and that’s why dressing well is a no-brainer.

3. Be the Nonchalant Alpha

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Maybe you’re not just asking yourself,

‘how can I look more attractive?”

Instead, maybe you’re wondering how can I look MORE attractive than everyone else?

Guys, this is one of the age-old tricks to get girls to chase you, and it will definitely help maximize your attractiveness, and the most effective method that admittedly takes some practice to master is the nonchalant alpha.

The nonchalant alpha male does all things alpha. He’s a relentless doer, sort of a go-getter, he’s confident, and most importantly… He couldn’t give two-ship burgs about what other people think about him, and that’s the key.

Yes, you have to work diligently to be your most attractive self, But trying too hard is painfully obvious and comes off as being desperate and needy. Being chronically indifferent is so effective at making girls nuts about you for a complicated mess of reasons.

But the main reason is that everybody wants what they can’t have, and everybody is mystically intrigued by that which they can’t control, and that’s why being a badass, nonchalant, couldn’t-care-less alpha male is so damn irresistible. Do you know what else is irresistible?

Secret manly knowledge has proven to get girls to obsess over you. But the most comprehensive, ancient, Sanskrit-level wisdom about the art of seduction is completely worthless if you don’t understand the main reasons girls think you are unattractive.

But don’t freak out ‘cause I’m going to share some of that valuable information with you at the end of this article. So hang in there ‘til the end to find out exactly what most guys are doing to turn 99.9% of women away.

2. Get ‘er Done

Image by Shahid Shafiq from Pixabay

Of all the super helpful tips for men to look attractive, this one is probably the most achievable. When we think of attractive men, we think tall, handsome, physically fit, symmetrical facial features.

Stuff like that, and while that’s all true, the art of attraction goes well beyond those criteria. One of the things that alpha guys do that women cannot resist is they seem to be very productive. They get shit done day after day, and here’s why women find this so attractive.

Being able to take on a task or challenge and persevere shows that you know how to leverage your assets to accomplish a goal, an irrefutable sign of leadership.

To your crush, your ability to stay focused and get ‘er done is a sure-fire sign that you have the potential to be, not only a successful person but a successful partner, too, and that is how to make a girl instantly like you.

1. Prioritize Your Passion

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The best of all the tips to look more attractive has nothing to do with anyone but yourself, and because of that fact, you’re in complete control of this one.

Henri Frederic Amiel once wrote,

“Without passion, man is a mere latent force and possibility.”

without your passion, you’re merely a complex biological meat puppet.

But with your passion for somethingnature and the outdoors, a sport, a cause, whatever it is – you immediately become bigger than yourself, and that is something that your crush will not be able to ignore, something 99.9% of girls find irresistible.

It’s what makes you unique and sets you apart from the rest. So if you’re not sure what your passion is or if you’ve simply been neglecting it lately, Make sure you get it back on the front burner and make it a priority today.

Don’t Bury Yourself Academic studies of attraction are numerous and the scope is extremely broad, But there is one piece of common ground that researchers consistently find regarding the law of attraction, and that is that, even in the 21st century of online dating and social media, folks tend to become attracted to those they are around and interact with regularly – like schoolmates, teammates, or coworkers.


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

One huge and all too common mistake alpha guys often make is to cut themselves off from opportunity. While they’re out in the world kicking ass and taking names, much lesser men are scooping up the single women simply because they represent.

In pursuit of their passion and get-shit-done-ness, they forget to take time off to put themselves out there. Which leads us to our last conclusion: the fastest way to drive women away is to be chronically preoccupied with your daily grind and ultimately unavailable.

So remember to stop working so hard from time to time. It’s important to pause and put yourself out there to create an opportunity for your crush to notice you. Or if you don’t have a crush, to go find one in the first place.

That is exactly how to be more attractive to 99.9% of girls and the one thing to drive them away like a scared herd of buffalo. So, I hope you love these tricks.  Comment below if u love the information or want me to upload more on LifestyleShare this post, it will motivate me to create more posts like this for free.

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